Welcome to the Media page for Against The Tide Books.


  • A PRESS RELEASE for What My Left Hand Was Doing; Lessons from a Grassroots Activist is available by clicking here.

Books Arrive

It was pretty awesome to cut open the box and find my books inside.



1 thought on “Media

  1. Brenda Daniels

    Hi my dear friend. As I look through your publisher website, read your blog, and prepare for a week’s visit with 4 granddaughters (ages 2 through 10), I feel so fortunate of having you in my life. Your wisdom, compassion and sense of community WILL BE such a blessing to the readers of your new book. CONGRATULATIONS…you persevered and completed. Thank you so much Joanne for sharing your victories and struggles. I love you and glad you’re going on vacation!!! Blessings and peace to you!!!



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