What My Left Hand Was Doing

What My Left Hand Was Doing; Lessons from a Grassroots Activist; a Memoir by Joann Castle.

Against the incendiary backdrop of the 1967 Detroit rebellion and its aftermath, a white working-class Irish Catholic mother of six takes a stand against society’s racial inequality. This moving memoir presents an insider’s view of what grassroots movement work is really like when one becomes an advocate for black self-determination and challenges white privilege.

As a new wave of activists from Black Lives Matter to the Trump Resistance respond to the latest tide of repression, misogyny, and racism, Castle offers pivotal inter-generational lessons learned from past movements featured in her exclusive “Activist’s Survival Guide.”

“If one wants to understand how a white Catholic working-class girl, growing up in a relatively conservative, racially insensitive environment, became a political activist, a crusader for social and racial justice, and later a committed revolutionary–this poignantly written, sensitive memoir is a must read. This is a story about America, slated to be a classic in American literature.”

Michael Goldfield, author of The Color of Politics: Race and the Mainsprings of American Politics and The Decline of organized Labor in the United States.

Published. Available for reviewers by contacting the author: joanncastle@againstthetidebooks.com. Pre-orders available at: www.seattlebookcompany.com.  Distribution date: May 15, 2018


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