A Black Revolutionary’s Life in Labor

mikesbookcoverA Black Revolutionary’s Life in Labor; Black Workers Power in Detroit is a personal narrative about Mike Hamlin’s coming of age from the Mississippi plantation to working class Detroit and his growing political consciousness of the breadth of injustice to his people.  In documented conversation with Michele Gibbs, political activist, artist and poet, Hamlin offers an inside look at the development of The League of Revolutionary Black Workers, their confrontation with company and union officials over racist practices and mistreatment of black workers.  Forming alliances with workers in the plant, their militancy shut down Chrysler’s Dodge Main assembly line for 4 days in 1969 spawning a national revolutionary union movement demanding respect for black workers.  Using the book’s study guide, readers can engage in Hamlin and Gibbs conversation about how to analyze the class nature of the struggle, qualities of leadership and lessons learned from makers of black workers’ history.  This is a book about Mike’s passion, love and a life lived for his people.

The movement of ideas in the conversation works beautifully, allowing us to appreciate Mike’s journey as well as his profound, useful reflections on the political struggles he was engaged in.  I am certain that this powerful, knowledgeable, tender interchange between two revolutionaries will find its way to the hearts of young movement workers.”  Gloria House, PhD. Detroit

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