Mike Hamlin

mikesphotoMike Hamlin, the son of Mississippi sharecroppers, Korean War veteran and truck driver for the Detroit News was a key organizer and leader of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.  As the dynamics of the struggle changed, Hamlin enrolled in school and became a Master’s level social worker where he continued in his passion to support black workers in the unions and factories of Motown, helping literally thousands of workers and training students in his field through the first decade of the 21st century.  Hamlin currently teaches courses on the history of black workers in the Africana Studies department of Wayne State University.

4 thoughts on “Mike Hamlin

  1. Ed Blacksheare

    Hi Mike. It’s been a long time since we have talked and it is great to hear your words of wisdom. There are many interesting things happening in the world now including some interesting books that continue to add, illuminate and developed the goals and objectives that you inspired in me many years ago. On the international front developing countries are making great strides in economic development and eliminating poverty worldwide. We continue to work for peace and progress of all mankind.


  2. John Abbott

    Mike, what a pleasure to hear your voice after all these years. Have thought back many times upon our conversations & work so many years ago. I left Detroit back in 1984 and went on to choose different methods of struggle as well (I’ve been living & working since in Chicago). History has been throwing us some strange curveballs, that’s for sure, and we are living in interesting times. But I have hope and faith we will come through these challenges stronger, more honest and genuine than before. Would love to touch base next time I’m back in Detroit, should the opportunity arise. Peace, Love and Understanding, John


    1. joanncastle Post author

      Hi, John,
      Mike’s asked me to respond to you: Its a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, please be in touch when you come to Detroit. The struggle continues, Joann Castle, Mike’s wife.



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