joannphotoJoann Castle, founder and CEO of Against the Tide Books, is a native Detroiter and political activist.  Castle was a mother of six young children when she became involved in the radical Catholic movement for racial equality during the late 1960’s.  As she became more intensely involved in political activities her marriage failed, she broke with the church and her family disowned her but life moved on.  In addition to her role as a working mother, Joann went on to pursue an education becoming a Master’s prepared medical anthropologist and embarked on a 27 year career in health care services.  Joann married Mike Hamlin in 1975, at the height of his work in the Black Power Movement. Together they have dedicated their lives in service to others.

mikesphotoMike Hamlin, the son of Mississippi sharecroppers, Korean War veteran and truck driver for the Detroit News was a key organizer and leader of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers.  As the dynamics of the struggle changed, Hamlin enrolled in school and became a Master’s level social worker where he continued in his passion to support black workers in the unions and factories of Motown, helping literally thousands of workers and training students in his field through the first decade of the 21st century.  Hamlin currently teaches courses on the history of black workers in the Africana Studies department of Wayne State University.



2 thoughts on “Authors

  1. Karen Brooker

    Joann, it was a privilege meeting you at the Women’s Convention in Detroit. I look forward to the release of your book in the new year. Wishing you a rich and joyful 2018!


    1. joanncastle Post author

      Hi, Karen, How nice of you to reach out. Watch this space for updates on my book.
      I have a reservation and a bus ticket to our Capital in Lansing, MI for January 21st, the anniversary of the original Women’s March. I believe that women are not only going to resist what is happening in our country but make a positive difference in 2018. All the best to you in the new year.



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