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This past week, a lot!  Both entities hosted discussions on the future of Detroit which is becoming a popular topic around town.

Last Sunday afternoon, Mike and I attended a discussion at Book Beat, a hip book store north of the city in Oak Park, on cities in crisis and how best to approach rebuilding for future sustainability.  The discussion was led by Gordon Young, author of Teardown, a tale of Flint and June Manning Thomas, author of Redevelopment and Race, which examines what went wrong in urban planning in Postwar Detroit that set us on our current path.

On Wednesday evening, we found ourselves at the DIA where Model D hosted a conversation about the potential of regionalism as a solution to Detroit’s woes.  Six speakers representing various efforts underway offered their wisdom on what’s working and what we can do to promote positive change.

Both events were well attended and provided a forum for running into old friends as well as new ones, who share an interest in supporting the city and its people as we move into the future on new terms.  “This is the moment…”  we heard at both forums; the moment for us to come together to make a difference.  Are you on board?  We’ve got a lot of work to do.

In this moment we are also encountering a number of books written about Detroit.  A lot of people, many with vision and experience, are offering their perspectives on needed change.  So, read and discuss, develop ideas.  The hopeful outcome will be a coming together to rebuild this city we love.

A Black Revolutionary’s Life in Labor: Black Workers Power in Detroit  a new book by Michael Hamlin with Michele Gibbs.  Do you have your copy yet?

You may purchase Mike’s book on our website:  www.againstthetidebooks.com/books/.    Follow our blog, click “follow” on this website.  Visit us on Facebook: Against the Tide Books.

Also available from Amazon.com,  Barnes & Noble.com, SOURCE Booksellers and the Charles H.Wright Museum of African American History.


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