IMG_2976No matter how you cut it, old veteran leftists like ourselves are going to fade away  It has been encouraging these last few weeks to interact with a number of young people whose minds are being opened to the state of the world and who are searching for knowledge and a process to help create positive change for future generations.

We have been recently inspired by the young twenty-three year old friends without jobs who were perusing the Book Expo in Flint; the high school and college students who were conducting the recent meeting of the Michigan Roundtable, leading discussion on issues around Youth and Race; and the young law student we met at a Detroit bookstore who was looking for information on the League of Revolutionary Black Workers because he and his fellow students are eager to affect the future and don’t believe the Law School is giving them enough exposure to issues of community justice.  You, our young friends, are our future leaders.

These young people have their eyes wide open on the world.  They are eager to learn critical thinking skills and how to make an analysis.  They together, must determine who among their generation has the consciousness, the will and the commitment to take up the task of carrying on the struggle for justice that will be necessary both short and long term.  To do that it is necessary to study both theory and the practice of previous generations.  How do we make the most of our time together and learn from each other?

Join us next Thursday, May 16th, 5:00 pm at SOURCE Booksellers, 4240 Cass Avenue (the second block south of Forest) in Midtown Detroit for Book/Author Talk with Mike Hamlin, Detroit author of the recently published:  A Black Revolutionary’s Life in Labor: Workers Black Power in Detroit by Michael Hamlin with Michele Gibbs.  Gloria House, SNCC veteran, liberation movement worker, professor, poet will read two poems from the book.  Don’t miss it!

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