Yesterday Mike and I had the good fortune to exhibit his book A Black Revolutionary’s Life in Labor: Black Workers Power in Detroit at a Book Expo at the Flint Public Library.  It was a beautiful spring day for our first exposure to Flint’s Cultural Center.  You know how bad people talk about Detroit, and throw Flint in the same negative mix.  Those of us who live here know a different Detroit warm, alive and resilient beneath the negative veneer promoted by doomsayers.  Yesterday we met a different Flint, vibrant and thriving in spirit.

Mike and I received a warm welcome by library staff, authors and visitors at its vast and beautiful Cultural Center which is truly accessible and amazing.  We lunched at the Art Museum and leisurely walked next door to its vibrant library which was crowded and alive with young and old.  The Book Expo featured works of self published, emerging and established writers, more than 40 in all.  What a lively group they were.  Sales were sparse for everyone but the interaction was abundant and satisfying.

We are new to this world of literary creativity, a world where people thrive on a ricIMG_4628hness of spirit, genuine love for their work and support for each other.  Yesterday, we learned much in your company.  Thank you, Flint.

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Don’t forget:  Mike presents: Author Talk at SOURCE Booksellers on Thursday, May 16th at 5:00 pm.  Please join us for the discussion.  Gloria House, SNCC veteran, professor and poet will read two poems from Mike’s book.  SOURCE Booksellers, 4240 Cass Avenue in Midtown Detroit.

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