At the moment, our life is filled with a list of first time things.  There is nothing I like better.

This past Friday and Saturday I exhibited Mike’s book, A Black Revolutionary’s Life in Labor; Black Workers Power in Detroit at the Michigan Historical Society’s 55th Annual LMichigan Historial Society Local History Conference 2013 1ocal History Conference in Livonia, Michigan.  I was invited to share an exhibit table with Sandy Novacek from TEN21 Press, a new friend I met at our women’s theater book club where she was a presenter.  Sandy is also marketing her husband’s book.  Over 500 people attended the conference.

The conference lasted two days March 22-23, each day beginning with a 5:00 am wake-up call and trek to Livonia in the dark.  We were loaded up with book posters, cases of books, leaflets, rack cards, business cards, candy and prizes which each had a place at our exhibit table.

Throughout the event, I met many interesting people who believe in Detroit and are involved in documenting and saving our important local history. I took it all in, making contacts and chatting with helpful and friendly people who have a raft of experience in the field of local history.  I sold a nice number of books and overall learned more than I have yet been able to synthesize.

AS TO UPDATES:  I owe you some information.  Last week I posted three pictures from Mike’s book and asked you if you could identify the three co-founders of the League of Revolutionary Black workers.  If you read his book, of course you can but for those who haven’t yet ordered your copy, here goes:  From left to right are:  Michael Hamlin, John Watson, and Ken Cockrel

mike at platform 9-close up guy 8-image with malcolm  Order your copy now!  Click on the “book” section of this website.

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