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 EPISODE 3:   It is fall of 2012.  Michele has moved on.  She has a commission for two sculptures which she expects will take two years to complete.  There are a number of comments and suggestions from folks who read Michele’s initial draft.  They want more content.  Mike really wants to do more but he can’t do it himself.  I set aside my work and pick up the pen.  How can we possibly accomplish this?

A friend of mine, Clarence Turner who teaches at Wayne State University’s Institute of Gerontology, suggests I check out Sylvia Hubbard’s group, the Motown Writer’s Network (MWN).  This was invaluable advice.  Sylvia has turned out to be one of the most talented, kindly and generous people I have ever met.  Detroit author, single mother of 3, founder of the Motown Writer’s Network, and author of 28 books, Sylvia still finds the time to coach and mentor aspiring writers. Sylvia Hubbard

Seeking to fill a void in the community, Sylvia founded MWN in 2000 to promote and encourage emerging writers in Michigan.  Now with over 300 internet members, the group meets locally on the second Saturday morning of each month at Barnes and Noble on Wayne State’s campus.  I have found an avid support group in Sylvia and the members.  They have been receptive, patient with my lack of expertise and pushed and pulled me through the process.  I am eternally grateful.

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