FIRST SOME NEWS: Mike’s book has shipped.  It has made it from the printer in Tennessee to Ohio and should be here in tomorrow!  I can’t wait to get my hands on it!  Then we get busy with distribution.  Now, back to our adventure…

 EPISODE II.  At this point in the process, Michele had done the lion’s share of work on the book.  She transcribed her interviews with Mike and was now trying to get Mike to do the edits and the study guide.  My responsibility was to get the pictures redone.  In the pre-publication copy, the shots from the film “Finally Got the News” were simply made by laying a copy of the 35 mm film on a page and taking a photo.  The images were hard to see and many folks in the film were less than identifiable.  I set about the task, looking in the phone book for a local media lab that could upgrade the photos for us.  I dialed the number for one in a modest neighborhood.

The gentleman on the phone explained that they had moved to downtown Detroit on Woodbridge Street.  Wonderful, that was near our home.  I was more tentative when we approached the newly renovated building just a few doors from the RenCen.  This looked like a high-rent district; first clue.   We were ushered into a Board Room with a big shiny table; second clue.  We went over the material with the owner and their design person.  No problem.  The task was expected to take a couple of hours at $125 an hour.  It would be cheaper if we located the frames on the film.  We were still doing dialysis at home four times a day.  “Let’s just get it done” Mike offered.  He was still none to strong after his illness.

When we went to pick up the digital copies, we were told that the task had taken 5 hours but they agreed to settle for $500.  They then proposed that they take on the project of preparing the book for printing.  The price $2,000, would not include the book cover or the printing.  Ultimately, we got this work done for less than $400 (That is, if you don’t count the mistakes we made or the things we had to do over).

Lesson I: Don’t go blindly into a task again.  Next step: Find a support group.


  1. Donna Ridella

    Joann, so glad you will finally have the book! Now I can’t wait to get MY hands on an autographed copy! Let me know when i can pick one up! — Donna



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