Mike’s book is at the printer – for the second time.  Publishing a book is a new venture for us.  A hard fought, learn as you go endeavor.  We made mistakes, some small, some pretty significant and costly not only in dollars but in time.  But as we have done all our lives, we dedicated ourselves to complete the task.  Joyfully, the end is in sight.  If you ordered a book, have faith.  It will soon be on its way.

When Michele Gibbs transferred this project to us in August of last year, I never dreamed it would be a full-time job.  Mike was just beginning to recover from his illness.  The book was on his mind but he had no mental or physical energy for the task.  We were hopeful that his health would hold.  I was in a writing class, working on a book about our unusual life together.  I set aside my work and took over the task of seeing that the book was finished. This was my gift to Mike.

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